About Got Leads?

Growing businesses on social media since 2004!

Since 2004, Got Leads?’ founder, John Farhang has been a pioneer, innovator and disruptor in the digital marketing world. Since then, John has taken his passion to create Got Leads?, a results-driven digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation and lead ads for small, medium and large sized businesses. Our success is rooted in our deep understanding of the primary needs of our clients – making businesses successful by filling their sales funnels with quality new business leads, and increasing overall brand awareness. Our agency has over 20 staff now!

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Got Leads? is within close-proximity to the headquarters of Facebook, Instagram and Google which gives us and our clients a competitive advantage over other agencies that offer similar services. Our close relationships within those organizations and frequent visits to these epicenters of marketing innovation allow us to work in tandem with these global technology influencers and implement new techniques, technologies and strategies as much as 90 days before competitors are even aware that they exist. Staying on the cutting edge and often being in front of it has allowed us to become known for our innovative and disruptive practices that make our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace, and deliver what matters mosts—bottom line business results.

Our competitive advantage is further enhanced by our ownership: executives and dedicated professionals that have a combined half century of experience and core competencies in lead generation and driving sales using paid social advertising. Our team also brings their A-game in social media content curation, video production and content creation (lead ads), and lead generation. Other services provided are data analysis, custom website design, direct mail, videography, graphic design, call tracking and customer service. Our expert knowledge and suite of services provides a one stop shop that allows franchisees to set it and forget it. We do all the heavy lifting for our clients, which allows them to focus on operating their studios and creating the optimal customer experience for members without having to worry about filling their sales funnel with qualified new member leads. Our lead generation capabilities keep traffic flowing in and counteracts churn.

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