F45 Functional Training

  • Lifting gym memberships with aspirational Facebook video ads

Client Success Story

The group fitness franchise racked up more than $10 million in membership sales after its Facebook video ad campaign.


Revenues via Facebook ads by Got Leads?


Return on ad spend


Motivation, innovation and results

California-based F45 Training is a fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and designed to push people to their fitness potential. The F stands for "functional training" and 45 refers to its signature 45-minute workouts, which are comprised of 36 different programs and 4,000 unique exercises. With 1,300 studios across 36 countries, F45 aims to transform bodies and lives worldwide.


Pumping up leads

F45 Training wanted to develop a lead-generation strategy for its network of 1,300 global studios that would yield promising leads and a strong return on ad spend.


Attract more customers into your orbit

F45 Training partnered with social media marketers Got Leads? to come up with an effective lead-generation campaign. Because F45 is a franchise enterprise, each of its studios operates on a local basis. Likewise, a gym membership is all about proximity. So, Got Leads? came up with a template for Facebook video ads that combine images and video that local franchises could personalize to attract new members.

The team targeted the ads to men and women of all ages who live within a 3- to 5-mile radius of an F45 franchise. When potential customers clicked on the ad, they were taken to a landing page where they could learn more about F45, claim their trial and book their first class.

To figure out which of its ads was most effective, the team performed rigorous split testing. The team continously pitted 2 ads against one another, changing just one element--imagery or messaging--to isolate the elements that generate the most (or the best) leads. This strategy has been so successful, hundreds of F45 studios are using it.


Crushing It!

F45 Training’s campaign pumped up membership rosters with hot new leads, achieving:

  • 45,000 lead conversions from Got Leads?
  • $10 million dollars in gym membership attributed to Facebook ads with Got Leads?
  • 10X return on ad spend
  • 2X lower cost per lead compared to average before campaign
  • 2.4X increase in studio visits compared to before running Facebook ads with Got Leads?

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