Namaste Nail Sanctuary

  • Increasing foot traffic to their local stores through Facebook and Instagram

Client Success Story

Namaste Nail Sanctuary received over 5,000 leads for their local stores averaging a cost per lead of less than $2 per lead.


Local Store Leads Generated


Averaging less than $2/lead


Exquisite Nail Spa Experience

Namaste Nail Sanctuary combines the necessity of nail salon services with the life changing benefits of meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Customers can receive their routine main-pedi while doing something that improves their health and their lives: meditation.


New Customer Acquisition Strategies

Brand new to market, Namaste Nail Sanctuary, was looking to partner with an agency with a lot of experience generating quality leads using Facebook and Instagram. They were looking for a team that could craft that right message that draws people into their local stores.


Lowest Cost Per Lead Industry Wide

Namaste Nail Sanctuary franchisees came to Got Leads? based on word of mouth referrals from Orangetheory Fitness. Got Leads? performed a thorough diagnostic on their business and their brand. One of the approaches the Got Leads? decided to create was to highlight the unique selling propositions of Namaste, while also paying careful attention to target demographics, competitive sets, and hyper local attributes.

Got Leads? closely monitored KPIs of the campaign and optimized in real time to insure the highest number of conversions. Got Leads? came up with a template of Facebook video ads and website landing pages that local franchises could replicate system wide to attract new members.


Looking Amazing!

5,000+ leads for 5 locations.

16x return on ad spend.

6X increase in studio visits compared to before running Facebook ads with Got Leads?.

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